1. Does shaving your legs make your hair grow back thicker and darker?
    No says Tulane University dermatologist Ron Davis MD. Your hair grows in follicles beneath the skin, and nothing you do to your legs on top of the skin can change the diameter or the number of follicles present. Hair that grows in after you shave, especially in summertime, may indeed be darker, but that’s because it hasn’t yet been exposed to the lightening effects of the sun.
  2. Shaving makes hair grow back faster and darker
    Again, untrue. Short and stumpy hairs will always feel a bit coarser, but they’re actually just spiky as they start to grow. When they get longer, they feel thinner.
  3. Razors should be stored in the shower.
    Wrong! Razors need to be kept somewhere dry. They remain wet whilst in the shower and can be susceptible to bacteria growth not to mention rust.