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At just $34.95 plus shipping Australia wide and the United States, the ShavEzy was designed to help make shaving your legs easier in the shower.

Save yourself from the inconvenience and pain of daily shaving gymnastics! Step up to silky smooth legs every day with your new stable, stylish and versatile ShavEzy shower foot rest.

Australian designed and made from high-quality, mould-resistant ABS plastic with a non-slip base, you can rely on the ShavEzy shower foot rest to keep you safe while shaving.

Pregnant? Rest your foot up on the ShavEzy to get a better look over your belly at your beautiful legs while shaving, exfoliating and moisturising. Never miss a spot again! The ShavEzy will become a fabulous shower stool for kids when your baby grows into a toddler.

Back, knee or joint pain? Don’t add another unattractive aid to your life. The ShavEzy shower foot rest is designed at step height to minimise hip movement and reduce pain while shaving. Better still, its attractive, sleek and compact design means it will be a stylish addition to your bathroom.

Simply smoother shaving! Whether you’re a cyclist, swimmer or simply looking for an easier way to care for your beautiful legs every day without leaving home, the ShavEzy is the shower foot rest that:

– requires no installation, is mould-resistant and easy to clean
– fits into most showers, even those with a lip base
– folds away for compact storage
– is the perfect storage solution for your bathroom accessories
– can be used elsewhere for home pedicures.

Stop suffering in silence or paying for expensive salon treatments. Order your new ShavEzy shower foot rest today and start stepping up to silky smooth legs every day in your own home!

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Product Description

ShavEzy is a fold away foot stool that fits neatly into the corner of your shower.
It has a non-slip base, is extremely sturdy and safe, mould-resistant, built-in handy razor holder and best of all is easy to clean.

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 11 × 36 cm

11 reviews for ShavEzy

  1. Julie (verified owner)

    I purchased this product in October to coincide with a holiday in Australia; so I could take it back to NZ myself. Due to the vagaries of the postal system, this plan went somewhat awry. The service from Angela was superb throughout and I did get my product due to her persistence and generosity. Now that I have been using it for several weeks, it was worth the effort. It works well for shaving the legs comfortably, fits well into the shower and is also easily folded up and put away if not required for a while. I can recommend it.

  2. Christine

    This review is from a lovely customer – Christine – who was unable to post the review herself, so she kindly asked me to do so.
    “I purchased Shavezy last week and promptly received it within days. Unfortunately, the product was damaged in transit. I contacted Angela at Shavezy and she immediately sent me a replacement via express post. I was told not to send the damaged product back and to put it into the recycling bin.
    It is one thing to order products online, but what makes a great company, is the after sales service. I am completely satisfied with my Shavezy and the service provided. This product is not just for us ladies, I purchased this product for myself and my husband, who has had two hip replacements and cannot bend down to wash his toes”.

  3. Brooke (verified owner)

    My husband and I remodeled our bathroom to include a stand up shower. After the bathroom was completed I learned there was no easy way to shave my legs in a stand up shower. I looked for months trying to find something that would work and not cost an arm and a leg. When I found the shavezy I was excited to try it. I can now say that I love love love this product. It works perfect cleans up beautifully and stores away very easily, not that I have put it away yet. It is very non intrusive into the shower area. My legs have never been happier! Thanks so much this is a great product that I would highly recommend!!!

  4. Julie Hoyle (verified owner)

    I looked for ages for something to help shave legs in the shower but everything was impractible and unsightly. The Shavezy is both practical and looks great. In short, it is perfect! And the quality of service from Angela was second to none! It was a longer job as I live in the UK but she was patient and efficient which made it so much easier. Thank you so much – I will recommend you to all!

  5. Charmaine (verified owner)

    A great product and also great service. When I asked if they could be shipped to New Zealand the website was updated and my ShavEzy arrived within days. No more slipping in the shower and it is also compact enough to not take up much space in a smaller shower.

  6. Kristen R. (verified owner)

    I received my ShavEzy a week ago and have not stopped shaving my legs since. I was in despair looking for a foot stool for my shower and it felt like it was a never ending search. I looked every where and kept seeing the same old stools that were to big in size and truth be told so ugly. I searched locally and then through store after store and nothing. I was on Pintrest one day and found ShavEzy this cute little stool that fits perfectly into the corner of the shower PERFECTION! Well that was it I knew instantly that this was something I had to have. Being that I live in Massachusetts and ShavEzy is a product in Australia I was nervous this wasn’t going to work out as easy as I thought. Angela made this an easy seamless transaction with top notch customer service. I am not only impressed with this products functionality, but also with the amazing level of personability that Angela provides in her customer service. I brag about my ShavEzy to all my friends and family and will continue to recommend this product to everyone. I hope to see ShavEzy in the States some day this is truly a GREAT product. Thank you Angela…

  7. Kylie – Mummy Tips

    The ShavEzy is such an innovative, functional and inspired product. It is so easy to use, I now have a place to keep my razor other than the soap caddy, it fits snuggly into the corner of the shower space and doesn’t get in the way at all, and it’s sturdy. I would recommend the ShavEzy to any woman (or man) who shaves their legs. It’s a sensational invention, and it’s backed up with sensational customer service.

  8. Liz

    I’ve often looked at the ad and thought I should really try this product out for myself to see if it is as good as other people say it is. Well, it is!

    For someone like me who finds it difficult to bend in the shower to shave my legs due to lower back pain, the shavezy is fantastic. I love love LOVE it. I can finally shave ALL my lower leg without missing parts or cutting myself from slipping the razor trying to reach right down.

  9. Kellie

    This product is fantastic. Not only does it help me shave my legs in the shower, it also looks great, fits wonderfully in the shower and is perfect for me. Thanks Angela !!

  10. Tania (verified owner)

    The ShavEzy is one of those products that after you use it, you think ‘I wish I’d had this years ago!”. It’s a fantastic product and I recommend it to all. It’s great for pedicures. It’s strong, sturdy, easy to clean and doesn’t use up much room in your shower. It makes shaving your legs safe and fast and would be great for those with a back injury or physical balance issues. I’m 100% satisfied with it. I’ve placed two orders (it’s a great gift idea!) and have received excellent customer service on both occasions. Thank you Angela!

  11. Lynne Williams

    Loving my new Shavezy! Makes life so much easier in the shower and saves time and effort. I also received fantastic customer service with regards to delivery of my shaveezy – Angela was so helpful and efficient. Thanks! Would highly recommend this product 🙂

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