To Shave or Not To Shave…

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So do you shave your legs before having a pedicure? I found this really interesting article from Brynn Mannino who explains the story that in 2000, 113 California women made the news after contracting Mycobacterium fortuitum —a bacterial infection caught via open wounds that results in purple, pus-filled bumps—from infested pedicure tubs. After some investigation, [...]

Why do cyclists shave their legs? And is there any advantage to shaving leg hair?

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Shaving of leg hair within the cycling world is fairly common practice, particularly in the professional arena.  With the Tour de France hitting our TV screens on July 5th we tend to get images of the peloton as a whirlwind of smooth hairless legs that go whizzing by.  Does having less leg hair help win [...]