About the ShavEzy Shower Foot Rest

Our mission is to help you enjoy beautiful legs every day without leaving home or paying for expensive salon treatments. The ShavEzy shower foot rest makes shaving safer and more convenient for you, whether you’re: • suffering from back or knee pain • pregnant and finding it hard to bend over! • an avid cyclist or swimmer who likes to keep your legs smooth and fast • simply looking for an easier way to shave in the shower.

One Australian Mum’s Innovation for Easier Shaving

Angela Nicholls, a local Brisbane mum, created the ShavEzy shower foot rest to help others like herself:

“I came up with the idea of the ShavEzy when I was pregnant and found shaving difficult. Many of my girlfriends had similar stories, so I searched for an easier way.

“I looked for a small, compact shower stool that I could rest my foot on while shaving – if I could elevate my foot I would be able to reach my legs and do my own shaving!

“There was nothing on the market to suit my needs so I decided to design my own shower foot rest.”

Created for real people, solving real shaving problems

The team at ShavEzy understand how frustrating shaving your legs can be – you don’t want to have to perform a gymnastic routine every day just to enjoy beautiful legs!

The ShavEzy shower foot rest is designed to end this frustration and make the daily ritual of caring for your legs safe and enjoyable.

Quality Australian Design, Stringently Tested

Angela wanted to make sure her shower foot rest was stable, stylish and convenient. It had to be:
• safe to use
• beautiful to look at
• easy to install in any type of shower
• convenient to fold and store when not in use.

She spent many years researching and developing the ShavEzy into the high quality Australia-designed and owned product that it is today.

Join the ShavEzy shaving community!

Our customer care doesn’t end when you purchase your new ShavEzy. Our customers become raving fans of ShavEzy and join us to share great tips for beautiful legs on:
• our blog

We love hearing from our customers, so remember to tell us what you think of your new ShavEzy shower foot rest ! Email us at info@shavezy.com.au!

Who is ShavEzy

Our company mission is to ensure all women and even those guys who are avid cyclists or swimmers, of all ages, can safely and conveniently shave their legs so much easier. So easy that you will want to shave your legs everyday.
Our philosophy is to deliver to our customers a product that they truly enjoy using. The ShavEzy is something that was designed out of necessity and to end the frustration of shaving your legs like it was some gymnastic routine. We value our customers and listen to what they say so feedback is always welcome.
We are a small Australian company located on the outskirts of Brisbane, Queensland. Our team members lives and breathe the ShavEzy with all our energy funneled towards making it the best product available to our end customers.
“Got my ShavEzy and absolutely love it”