ShavEzy – The Shower Foot Rest That Makes
Silky, Smooth Legs Easy

ShavEzy is the stable and stylish shower foot rest that makes shaving your legs easy. This compact foldaway shower stool fits neatly in the corner of your shower and even offers storage for your bathroom accessories.


ShavEzy shower foot rest brings silky smooth legs one step closer

Using ShavEzy is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1. Unfold your ShavEzy shower foot rest and place it in the corner of your shower
2. Place your foot on the step – less awkward bending!
3. Give your legs the care and attention they need – exfoliating and shaving has never been easier.



There are so many great uses for ShavEzy

The ShavEzy has a variety of uses, not just for shaving your legs!


Easier Shaving In The Shower

Do you suffer from back or joint pain? Maybe you’re pregnant and finding it hard to even see your legs over your bump! Or perhaps you’re sick of the shaving gymnastics and just want to get a really close up view of those gorgeous legs. ShavEzy will help you never miss a spot while shaving or exfoliating!


A strong shower stool
you can rely on

ShavEzy is an Australian designed and owned quality shower foot rest that won’t let you down. Years of careful research and development has resulted in one of the most stable and safest products available anywhere in the world.

With its strong, stable design you can be confident that ShavEzy will support you safely so you can have beautiful legs in your own home.


Convenient Shaving
For Beautiful Legs

We’re here to help you enjoy lovely legs every day without the need to leave home or pay for expensive salon treatments.

Use ShavEzy in the shower or set it up elsewhere to put your feet up and treat yourself to a home pedicure.

Unlike other shower foot rests, the ShavEzy folds up neatly for easy storage when you’re not using it.


A Stylish Storage Solution For Your Bathroom Accessories

ShavEzy’s clever design means it will be a stylish and practical addition to any shower. The under-step storage is the perfect place to discreetly store your shaver and other bathroom accessories. No more clutter on the shower floor to trip over!


Easy to order online

Order your ShavEzy online today and we’ll ship it by tomorrow at the latest! We can send your ShavEzy anywhere in Australia or the USA.


No installation needed

When your new shower stool arrives at your doorstep simply unpack it, unfold it, pop it in the corner of your shower and start shaving. No adhesives or tricky installation needed.
You can move it to a different corner of the shower or remove it easily and fold it away for convenient storage.


High quality for lasting endurance

The ShavEzy shower foot rest is made of the highest quality materials and has been rigorously tested. It’s the stylish and practical shower stool with lasting endurance you can trust.


It will fit in your shower even if it’s a funny shape

We know showers come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we’ve designed the ShavEzy to fit neatly into the corner of most shower types, including lip-based showers. Our shower stool’s sturdy design means that it will rest safely and securely on top of the lip.

Proof the ShavEzy Shower Foot Rest Really Works!

Experiencing the safety, style and convenience of the ShavEzy shower foot rest turns our customers into raving fans!
Here’s what our ShavEzy community has to say.

“Got my ShavEzy and absolutely love it”

“WOW I wish had one of these when I was pregnant, it would have made things 100% easier.

Thank you so much – Kira

“I purchased a ShavEzy stool a couple of weeks ago. I really love it. With a bad back and knees it is so good not to have to bend over so far. The stool is very stable and does not take up much room in the shower. I actually leave it in there all the time. It is even handy for leaving my big bottle of shower gel on. Thank you ShavEzy for making my life easier.”
“Great product, fast delivery, friendly and I recommend this product to everyone.”
“Such a smart invention for shaving legs whilst in the shower! Makes it so much easier!”
“I so so love my new ShavEzy. Its made shaving so much quicker and easier! No more gross sliding around the shower tray on my bottom. I just prop, zip and go. Everyone needs one!!!”
“I won the ShavEzy at the ‘Bat for Joe’ fundraiser. I love it. Its in the shower ready to go. I’m pleased that I won it. Thanks so much for donating it as a prize!”